Professional Development Programme

We are on a mission is to provide people and institutions with access to capacity development services to successfully manage their work.

We leverage alliances and partnerships to deliver standard and tailored awareness and skills training activities.

Courses cover topics such as institutionalizing GEDSI, GEDSI mainstreaming in the Project Cycle Management, strategic planning, qualitative and quantitative research methods, policy analysis, evaluating development projects among others.

Since 2012, our training activities are tailor-made and self-paced with flexible training options. We work with you to build the course you need and we adapt to your needs in terms of process, content and experiences.

Our subject matter specialists work with the clients to understand the skills, schedules and learning needs and deliver a learner-centric training. For organizations looking for specific training needs, this is the best solution for you.

By request, we package learning materials used during tailored-training into toolkits to be reused by the organization.

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