Adelphine Uwera

Ms. Adelphine Uwera serves as the Operations Manager at FATE Consulting Ltd., where her primary responsibilities involve overseeing and coordinating the Operations Department.

In her role as Operations Manager, Ms. Adelphine is tasked with various critical functions. She takes charge of the company’s accounting and finance operations, ensuring the accurate and timely recording of financial transactions using the organization’s accounting software. In addition, Ms. Adelphine ensures compliance with all Rwandan taxation and mandatory contributions laws. Managing the company’s cash flow and invoicing are all part of her responsibilities, as is processing payroll and preparing the company’s financial statements. Additionally, Ms. Adelphine provides oversight for the Human Resources Management and Administration functions.

Prior to her current position, Ms. Adelphine worked in the same department in different capacities including as a Research and Administrative Officer, Executive Assistant and Office Administrator.

Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies from Kigali Independent University, Ms. Adelphine is also extensively experienced in research, including utilizing Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI), powered by ODK, SurveyCTO, and Droid Survey as well as facilitating qualitative interactions and sub-sequent data analysis.

Ms. Adelphine is a Rwandan Citizen, fluent in English, and a native Kinyarwanda speaker.