Suzan Abatesi

Ms. Suzan Abatesi, is a Rwandan citizen holding a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Trade from the African Leadership University.

Currently, Ms. Suzan serves as a Business Development Analyst at FATE Consulting Ltd. In her role, Ms. Suzan plays a crucial part in managing both internal and external communication channels, coordinating events, providing support to her team, and contributing to tender proposal development. Thanks to Ms. Suzan’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to achieving project success, one of her notable contributions involves the creation of curated content that captures attention on social media platforms, significantly expanding our audience. In addition, Ms. Suzan possesses key skills including adaptability and a strong sense of teamwork as well as technical know-how and proficiency in design and canvas, digital marketing as well as social media engagement.

Before working at FATE Consulting Ltd, Ms. Suzan honed her skills and expertise at various reputable organizations such as Umuri Foundation and Songa Logistics.

Ms. Suzan is fluent in both Kinyarwanda and English.